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Member of the Month

The Boonville Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to award Otis Technology for  our Business of the Month.

The Boonville Chamber selected Otis Tech for the company’s support during the COVID-19 pandemic by procuring and manufacturing critical personal protective equipment (PPE) and hand sanitizer. 

When the news of the pandemic stated to escalate, leaders at Otis Tech took action. Otis partnered with Saint Lawrence Spirits to supply hand sanitizer. The distillery  manufacturers the hand sanitizer and Otis Tech then bottles, labels, sells and distributes the product. Otis also partnered with Lodging Kit Co to source face masks and protective shoe covers.

Otis Technology and their iconic Breech-to-Muzzle® cleaning kits in compact cases. Otis Tech has been in business for thirty-five years and is a defense contractor. | 1-800-OTISGUN (684-7486) | Lyons Falls, NY

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